B Medical Systems’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

We want to undertake several sustainability and ESG initiatives in the company and we believe that being part of IMS is a good step towards the right direction. We want to take our sustainability journey to the next level.


B Medical Systems’s CSR policy:

Saving Lives is our vision and we want to deliver it as a responsible and sustainable company through sustainable products, efficient operations and compliance


B Medical Systems’s CSR actions and frameworks:

1. Sustainable products: solar powered products in our portfolio, using green refrigerants, highly energy efficient, reliable, multi-use and sturdy, certified by leading bodies (such as Energy Star, ACT Label from My Green lab, etc

2. Efficient operations: use of renewable energy, Environmental management systems: ISO14001 certified, waste management, energy consumption (installation of solar panels, new heating systems installation, replacement of light by LED system

3. Compliance: Member of UN Global Compact and guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We ensure that our products and operations are compliant to the industry leading regulations/certifications. We ensure that our Code of Conduct, Business Principles and policies are applied to all stakeholders. We ensure that the right of freedom of opinion/expression and human rights are never abused.


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