British Chamber of Commerce’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

In early 2022, the British Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg created a Sustainability working group to focus on the needs of its members with respect to ESG. As a chamber we are committed to improving both our own approach to sustainable business and sopporting our members in reaching their goals. We believe that partnering with IMS could be of mutual benefit to both our organisations giving access to a wider audience to help drive forward these important initiatives.


British Chamber of Commerce’s CSR policy:

We have not yet created a formal CSR policy beyond committing ti driving the topic forward to support our members.


British Chamber of Commerce’s CSR actions and frameworks:

We set up a Sustainability Working Group in early 2022. Our key tenets are as follows:
- Inspiration: we lead by example and enable real action
- Changemakers: we are change-makers and we support others to become change makers themselves
- Lasting change: we are committed to supporting, informing, ans strengthening
- Cooperation: we believe that our success depends on us bringing together the whole ecosystem
- People and planet: we are all part of the solution: businesses, BCC, and individuals