Bebop’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Bebop joined IMS because of its wish to accelerate change regarding sustainability, to find clients and partners, to develop its offers and to share the pleasure of learning within an innovative network. It also wishes to introduce the model of “The Natural Step”.


Bebop’s CSR policy:

Since its creation in 2003, development and leadership have been at the heart of Bebop's vision.

The creation of the plateforme.lu network has allowed the launch of a course entitled “The Sustainable Performance of my Corporation through Human Leadership”.

In 2009, after studies in sustainable development at the University of Kaiserslautern in 2007/2008, the offer was increased with the creation of an accompanying program for the societies that wished to seize the opportunity of sustainable development (in partnership with The Natural Step France).


Bebop’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Bebop wants to put sustainable development at the heart of the strategy, help accelerate change towards sustainability thanks to advice and instruction services that are “100% sustainable” in regard to the scientific principles of The Natural Step. Bebop lives what it teaches.

1) “Sustainable” services: continuous amelioration of the offer regarding sustainability criteria, model of human leadership, life-long learning, creation and animation of a teaching club for managers in Luxembourg (www.apm.fr), conferences via Skype to reduce traveling and publishing learning materials on the internet to avoid wasting paper.

2) “0 emission, 0 waste” policy: reduce and then eliminate CO2 emissions by using buses, trains, bicycles. Eliminate all forms of use and waste of paper. Energetic auditing of the office with amelioration measures. Purchase policy of “green” supplies. Jugs for tap water…

3) Personal wellbeing: balance between private life and work.

4) Social involvement: charitable animation for associations/NGOs and sharing of the profit. In 2009, with our plateform.lu partners, we created a public utility foundation to support “sustainable” projects in Luxembourg and abroad. The foundation is fuelled by a share of revenues from our advice and teaching missions. Signatory of the charter of corporations for social responsibility and sustainable development. Charitable management of a circus school (www.zaltimbanq.lu)


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