Banque Havilland’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Be part of the network and to have the opportunity to access ESG tools and practices.


Banque Havilland’s CSR policy:

The Group Policy defines and details:

- How the Bank defines sustainability and considers sustainability into its activities. It applies to allits businesses and products and is founded on the Group’s Values to promote higher Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance principles.

- How the Bank embeds the ESG risks, and more specifically the C&E Risks, into the global riskmanagement framework and risk appetite statement of the Group.


Banque Havilland’s CSR actions and frameworks:

The Group believes that our Corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy should reflect our valuesEmpowerment, Fairness, Integrity, Diligence and relies on the ESG pillars :

- Social (S): The Group focus on People for Social pillar. The Group believes that empowerment of its employeesenables them to work at their full potential. Our Group recognises its responsibility as an employer, as it offers modern and attractive working conditions. Our Group seeks to attract and retain the best talent by offering attractive career opportunities and extensivecontinuing education options. Our Group seeks to promote a strong commitment from our employees and leverage personal initiatives in asustainable way.

- Governance (G): The overall framework of corporate governance is determined to a significant degree by the regulation; thespecific manner in which it is designed (or better; implemented) is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.We strive to win the trust of all stakeholder groups. Thus, we act with integrity and in a fair and transparentmanner at all times and grant our stakeholders with insight into our decision making and control processes.

- Environment (E) :The Group is aware of its responsibility and endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment by loweringour energy consumption and waste production, and the Group carries out a number of waste managementinitiatives.