Luloop’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Our start-up aims at avoiding and reducing waste, we would like to engage and inform ourselves about (new) more sustainable methods. In this context, we would love to get to know different Luxembourgish actors who share similar values and who are trying to find a more environmentally friendly way and who share inspiration and knowledge.


Luloop’s CSR policy:

At Luloop, we want to be a company with principles that are important to us. The equality between nature and human, the respect and kindness in our team and with our customers, the importance of collaboration, diversity and the potential it brings... And also the country of origin and the life cycle of our products, the goal to establish a business based on the principles of permaculture.


Luloop’s CSR actions and frameworks:

We offer reusable and fully recyclable or edible solutions, all produced in Europe (Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands). The material used is environmentally friendly polypropylene (BPA free).

Our marketing materials are printed by the Kräizbierg Foundation, the components of our seedbombs (awareness action for the first 100 customers) come from Co-Labor and the Bieschbecher Atelier and we are currently working on a small project with Yolande Coop.

We are in contact with CIGL Suessem for their cleaning service and to support and participate in the vision of the "MUD". 

We are members of the SDK. And there are still many ideas for future actions.


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