Chambre des Métiers’ motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The Chambre des Métiers actively supports the CSR approach because we are convinced that CSR can become one of the significant assets of craft businesses. The Chambre des Métiers wishes to support and promote the dissemination of the CSR approach among its members so that economic efficiency and competitiveness are synonymous with respect for the environment and social ethics. Moreover, as the craft industry is the largest employer in Luxembourg and a significant economic player, all craftsmen are stakeholders in current economic, political and social issues and have an essential role in the way our economy wishes to address and resolve these issues.

Through our collaboration with IMS Luxembourg, we hope to share good practices and feedback and further develop the CSR culture of the Chambre des Métiers by placing our employees and our citizens at the centre of our reflections and actions.


Chambre des Métiers' CSR policy:

The implementation of the CSR policy of the Chambre des Métiers aims to improve our social and societal impact and to reduce our ecological footprint. Eventually, the CSR approach will be one of the pillars on which our global strategy will be based. The CSR policy of the Chambre des Métiers also aims to promote the CSR approach among our members.


Chambre des Métiers' CSR actions and frameworks:

The Chambre des Métiers has already implemented various actions in connection with its CSR approach:  

- signing the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter
- implementation of waste management and sorting policy, digitisation of our processes and supports (aiming for zero paper)
- implementation of a training programme to train managers in their role, in particular responsibilities in terms of monitoring and supervising teams
- implementation of coaching and follow-up actions for employees who have suffered a burn-out and are returning to work
- preserving the balance between private and professional life by fully integrating teleworking into our working methods (policy of making working arrangements more flexible)
- etc.

Our efforts will continue in the months and years to come, particularly in the areas of HR, purchasing and the management of our premises.