RSS-Hydro’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

- Publicising and promoting the company's practices.
- Putting us in touch with private, public and associative partners.
- Raising awareness and training our team.
- Networking with our peers in the CSR network in Luxembourg.
- Participate in thematic innovation groups - pilot projects.


RSS-Hydro’s CSR policy:

- Our company operates in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals including: climate action, clean water and sanitation, life on earth, gender equality, industry, innovation, infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities among others.
- Science and technology: climate change mitigation, disaster risk reduction.


RSS-Hydro’s CSR actions and frameworks:

- Cooperation with administrations (local communities in order to reduce the risk of disasters and improve the quality of life of citizens).
- Work environment: diverse team, work ethic that aims and prioritises the well-being of employees (flexibility), flat hierarchy.
- New green technologies


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