Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The BCEE chose to join IMS because our bank is anxious to tackle CSR in the most federative, integrative and objective way possible. That is why IMS, an association that unifies more and more corporations representing the main sectors of Luxembourg’s economy, seems the most appropriate way to contribute to this shared effort in order to promote the progress and prominence of CSR in Luxembourg.


BCEE’s CSR policy:

As part of our social objective, CSR has always held a primordial place within the BCEE. Indeed, according to article 5 of the law of 24th March 1989 on the BCEE (which works as a legal act for the BCEE, the latter having the judicial nature of an autonomous public establishment), the bank’s vocation must be to contribute (through its activities) to the country’s economic and social development in all aspects. We have always taken this mission very seriously in regard to our clients, commercial partners and society, as well as internally towards our employees.


BCEE's CSR actions and frameworks:

As mentioned above, CSR is carried out in various ways throughout the BCEE. First and foremost, our responsible attitude, aimed towards a sustainable and mutually enriching relationship with our employees, is our main concern. We also wish to answer to CSR criteria in regard to clients and partners by aiming for a partnership of exchange in connection with sustainable trust. Furthermore, we seek an attitude of environmental protection and we support projects (cultural, sports, …) in society’s interest.


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