Banque de Luxembourg’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

IMS is a collective initiative that enriches the corporate procedures that we lead internally. This is why we wished to participate in the sharing of experiences and best practices. At the heart of this “community of ideas”, we will - together - be able to develop new ideas and progress more effectively in certain areas where there is a lack of regulatory frameworks.

Our participation to IMS reveals our motivation in terms of CSR: we wish to promote these values towards a broader public and support social involvement.


Banque de Luxembourg’s CSR policy:

Our bank has always wanted to play the role of a civil corporation and our tradition of corporate citizenship is anchored in our history. Our actions in this area are focused around one core idea: “Encourage life, encourage the future”. Rather than a formalised procedure in the dedicated centre of an internal structure, we put our societal responsibility into effect through various projects in which our Directorial, Marketing and Human Resources departments are involved. Moreover, we encourage and actively support our employees’ involvement in volunteering.


Banque de Luxembourg's actions and frameworks:

As an actor in economic, social, cultural and humanitarian areas, we conceive our responsible corporate involvement in a long-term manner and work alongside partners like the Luxembourgish Red Cross, the “Paint a Smile” foundation and the Luxembourgish foundation for cancer, whose projects correspond to our values.

As we wish to accompany our clients at every step of their lives, we have set up an accompaniment procedure to support their philanthropic projects: advice, funding statutes for their projects, structure of allowances,…


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