Art Square Lab Luxembourg’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Art Square Lab believes in respectful, just and inclusive society where people have courage to co-create their futures.
We actively pursue a better tomorrow by empowering public and private organizations, business and citizens with the skills, passion, and purpose  to co-create social and economic change. We are aware that in our mission, we cannot stay isolated from other organizations that share similar principles, IMS being one of them. Till now we were participants of IMS activities, like Luxembourg Sustainability Forum but now we decided to take a more active role within the network, in the main fields of People, Planet and Prosperity. We are convinced that we can share our knowledge and skills with other members as well as learn from each other. 


Art Square Lab Luxembourg’s CSR policy:

Art Square Lab's policy is based on building a positive social, environmental and economic impact. 
We apply the principles of Design Thinking to invent new ways of doing business and rethink our way of life. From the beginning, we have focused on environmental sustainability, educational transition, entrepreneurial ecosystems and citizen engagement.  As a service design agency, we consider our responsibility as designers to foster social inclusion, diversity, environmental protection and cultural heritage. We encourage our clients to follow product and service design centred on people and the planet, taking into account the principles of sustainable development. 
Within our organisation, we do our best to live the values we preach, ensuring transparency, diversity and an open debate on possible improvements with the whole team. Together, we choose the projects we plan to undertake, balancing the financial value with the social and cultural value we can offer our clients and partners. Our employees actively network with potential partners active in the social economy in Europe, so that we learn as individuals and as an organisation and share our skills with other actors in Luxembourg (e.g. through our membership in international consortia). 


Art Square Lab Luxembourg’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Art Square Lab would like to apply for the social enterprise statute in the near future as we define social engagement as an equal goal with producing financial value. Therefore it is difficult to point to the CSR framework as something separated from our core business. In our daily actions we apply different pricing policies to the public organizations working with young people or vulnerable audiences and non-profit organizations (e.g. Jonk Entrepreneuren, Red Cross, etc). We regularly volunteer to share our knowledge during non-profit events (e.g. organized by SNJ). Whenever possible, we offer working experience to unemployed young persons and help them to valorise the professional experience they gained while working with us. We are happy to follow their career and help them network with structures we have access to. For our events, we reduce plastic and eliminate waste as well as we collaborate with local businesses, young entrepreneurs and social enterprises. 


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