European Investment Fund’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

As a European institution based in Luxembourg the EIF supports ventures that align with its sustainability and ESG objectives and welcomes opportunities for its staff to participate in events such as those organised by IMS.


European Investment Fund’s CSR policy:

EIF forms part of the EIB Group and is hence part of the overall policy framework established for the EIB Group. EIF developed specific ESG principles, which aim to illustrate EIF’s commitment in this area and set out the key parameters of its ESG framework. 



European Investment Fund’s CSR actions and frameworks:

EIF bases its activities on sound banking principles or other sound commercial principles and practices. In this context, EIF strives at implementing the principles of best market practices in its business and is committed to promote environmental, social and governance standards both within the organisation as well as in its relationship with its counterparts.