Clearstream’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Environmental protection is a high priority for Clearstream and Deutsche Börse, our mother company. We are proud of our Certivéa and SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber (ISO 14024) certifications. It is important for us to provide an environmentally friendly setting for our employees and to sustain environmental resources in Luxembourg – and beyond. We develop internal initiatives to encourage employees to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle – both, at work and at home – with conferences, workshops and campaigns. The #PlasticFreeJuly event was just one of several initiatives that we have kicked off in our company to transform our workplace towards a more sustainable mindset. As IMS is Luxembourg's leading network for Corporate Responsibility, participating was the logical next step for us. Besides, the IMS conferences and workshops allow us to implement concrete actions & liaise with other companies in Luxembourg to move things forward.


Clearstream’s CSR policy:

Within Deutsche Börse Group, our Corporate Engagement policy lays down binding principles and standards for all corporate engagement-related activities at Deutsche Börse and any of its entities - such as non-business-related sponsoring, donations, personal commitment and memberships. It aims to ensure the effectiveness of all activities, a responsible use of shareholder money, and that said activities do not potentially damage the reputation of Deutsche Börse or violate the established compliance rules.  

The purpose of our corporate engagement is to give back to the community, take part in philanthropic causes, and to provide positive social value. 

We are fully aware that in addition to their basic ethical and legal responsibilities, companies have to assume responsibility for the environment in which they operate.  Therefore, at Deutsche Börse, we see corporate responsibility as an ongoing commitment towards our shareholders and customers, our employees, as well as society.

In order to take the enormous relevance of sustainability into account, Deutsche Börse puts it into practice in its company-wide sustainability management. In April 2019, Deutsche Börse adopted a Group-wide climate strategy based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability has met with great support from our employees. Various committees and working groups have been set up at worldwide locations. The voluntary commitment of our employees is an important pillar in the further development of our company-wide sustainability profile.


Clearstream’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Our CSR efforts follow two principles – that of effectiveness and that of contributing to our strength.

These corporate engagement activities are allocated to three areas: education and culture, social cohesion, and sports. We are committed to achieving measurable success and long-term impact. Our commitment leverages Deutsche Börse's core competencies and promotes the direct participation and personal commitment of our employees. The framework of corporate engagement actions is both global and local.

Education & Culture:

Our engagement activities should be in line with the following guiding principle: Improving social participation through economic and financial education and contributing to the cultural legacy. In Luxembourg specifically, we are founding members and proud supporters of Private Art Kirchberg.

Social Cohesion:

Our engagement activities should be in line with the following guiding principle: Promoting innovative and scalable approaches that foster social cohesion. In Luxembourg, in addition to our various donations to local charities, we support local organizations “hands-on” with our “Social Day”, during which Clearstream employees perform social work for a day.


Our engagement activities should be in line with the following guiding principle: Cooperating with outstanding partners to contribute to local social inclusion and interaction. Sports activities offer our employees the opportunity to strengthen their team spirit and sense of belonging. In Luxembourg, our participants at the annual BusinessRun continue to be the biggest participating team. Further on, we promote internal sporting activities and the health of our employees in general.  


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