AXA’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

For numerous years, AXA has been implicated and strongly attached to actions in regards to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Since 1986, Claude Bébéar, President of the AXA Group, has been the founder, alongside with other business leaders, of the not-for-profit organisation IMS-Entreprendre in France, whose actual mission is to help company’s integrate innovating societal approaches in their CSR policy, lead in partnership with other actors in society.

AXA Luxembourg logically took part in the evolution and participation in the launch of IMS Luxembourg, as the latter is in full accordance with the general policy of AXA in regards to sustainable development.

“AXA’s engagements help achieve the desire of the Group to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate”, President of AXA’s board.

AXA’s CSR policy:

CSR policies occupy a growing part of the AXA Group and our entity in Luxembourg. AXA wishes to progress economically whilst also considering the needs of future generations; and this is what we invite our partners to do. Our insurance slogan hence acquires a deeper sense.


AXA’s CSR actions and frameworks:

In 2003, AXA defined its engagement policy in regards to its partners: clients, shareholders, collaborators, suppliers, the community and the environment. These engagements concretely summarise the responsibility spirit in which AXA operates. 


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