Armacell’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Joining IMS was the next logical step on Armacell’s journey towards sustainability. The association is Luxembourg’s largest CSR network and brings together various businesses and organisations. More importantly, our participation conveys the very positive message that by working together we can make things change – regardless of our field of activity, size or maturity.

“Global presence, local focus”: As we are headquartered in Luxembourg, we feel it is our duty to act for the benefit of our beautiful country. We firmly believe that by collaborating with other IMS members, sharing knowledge and gaining new experience, we can shape innovative solutions for a more sustainable world. We are keen to learn from others and enrich the sustainability debate and the pool of ideas. This is why we are enthusiastic about participating in IMS initiatives. We trust that together we can make a difference around the world.


Armacell’s CSR policy:

From our relatively small office in Luxembourg, we ask our people to consider the three pillars of sustainability in their work and Armacell’s business. So far, we have preferred acting through CSR initiatives rather than having a formalised approach to sustainability. IMS might help us to build this CSR policy.


Armacell’s CSR actions and frameworks:

In all its business activities, Armacell is committed to acting responsibly towards its employees, the environment and the communities it operates in, while keeping in mind the economic side of our business.

Employees First: We motivate our people, develop their talents and further their skills through customised training. We encourage our employees to cultivate a climate of mutual respect, trust and reliability in which they can perform to the best of their ability to drive our company forward.

Protect our Planet: We dedicate our business to advancing and optimising energy efficiency for technical equipment and to closing the loop to achieve a more sustainable use of resources. Insulation is key in addressing climate change.

Foster Communities: We support a wide variety of citizenship projects in local communities across our global operations. In Luxembourg, for example, we are proud to be sponsoring the Special Olympics Luxembourg team, an organisation that promotes sports as a way of helping people with intellectual disabilities to flourish and improve their integration and inclusion in society.


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