Fidelity’s CSR policy:

Fidelity is committed to making a difference to communities local to our offices and where our employees live. We are also keen to support and encourage our employees to be active members of their communities.

Our support is directed through our Corporate Citizenship Programme and the Fidelity UK Foundation. We also consider social, environmental and ethical issues in our investment research where these will have a material impact on either investment risk or potential returns.


Fidelity’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Corporate Citizenship:

Charitable Causes

Wherever Fidelity International operates we will seek to support charitable causes with the aim of improving the lives of others. In addition to the charitable investments made by Fidelity's philanthropic Foundations, we will do this by engaging with our employees so they decide on the local causes we support and thereby help to build better futures for the communities in which we operate.

Our Environment

Our environment is very important to us and our employees.  Wherever we operate we will seek to implement good environmental practices for the benefits of our employees and our communities, as well as participating in environmental initiatives for the benefit of the wider population.

Our Employees

We seek to engage with our employees and invite them to participate in a range of activities relating to CSR.  This can include local fund raising for charitable causes which the company supports with grant matching funds raised, sponsorship of charitable and community events, and employee volunteering opportunities.  The aim is to encourage employee participation and engagement, generating pride in our association with such worthwhile causes and at the same time, giving back to our communities.


Who are we?

The Fidelity UK Foundation is a UK registered charity established in 1988. The Fidelity International Foundation, established in 1992 is based in Bermuda. The objective of both Foundations is to strengthen the long-term effectiveness of charitable organisations.

What do we do?

Taking an investment approach to grant making, we fund strong charities where we feel we can add lasting, measurable value. We seek to support strategic initiatives that enable charities to build the organisational capabilities they need to enhance the services they provide to a wider range of beneficiaries and achieve improved long-term sustainability.

In considering each proposal, we carefully examine each aspect of an organisation's project idea, management team and financial situation before committing our resources, in order to ensure that a grant can achieve tangible results. To learn more about the way in which proposals are evaluated and to assess whether your organisation and funding need fall within the Foundation's grant-making criteria, please read the Guidelines.

Where do we do it?

The Fidelity UK Foundation makes grants to charities serving beneficiaries in the United Kingdom, primarily in London, Kent and Surrey, although applications are also considered from elsewhere in the UK, where the organisation is nationally-recognised as a centre of excellence.

The Fidelity International Foundation makes grants to not-for-profit organisations located in a country where Fidelity International has business operations and which serve beneficiaries in Continental Europe, Australia, Bermuda, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.



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