AlterDomus’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

With the headquarters of our company located in Cloche d'Or, we participated in the "Positive Drive" campaign in May 2017. Following this first contact with IMS, we became aware of the diverse programme and numerous initiatives of IMS Luxembourg during the last 10 years.
Our group, as well as our strategy, are articulated around our strong values which are: Responsibility, Excellence, Intelligence and Collaboration.
Today, there are various initiatives related to our social responsibility which exist within our company.

Our participation in IMS activities will certainly help us to:

  • Share good practices and positive experiences
  • Meet Luxembourg companies concerned with sustainable development
  • Include in the strategic definition of the group not only economic/business aspects but also social and environmental aspects.
Finally, with the gathering of all our teams in Luxembourg under one roof (new building on the Ban de Gasperich - planned for the end of 2018), this month of January 2018 seems to be a perfect time to join your organisation and develop our CSR culture.


AlterDomus’s CSR policy:

​Based on its ambitious growth and increasing number of jurisdictions and employees from many different nationalities and cultures, Alter Domus' CSR policy aims to achieve collective goals of continuous improvement of both its social and societal impact, as well as the reduction of its environmental footprint, or wherever it is in the world, and very soon very concretely in the context of its move in 2018 in new premises in Luxembourg.


AlterDomus’s CSR actions and frameworks:

In 2018, Alter Domus will begin our Ethic and CSR strategic process, which it wishes to fully integrate into its activities and its HR management, ensuring that the CSR principles are taken into account from the beginning of the strategy development process and not only as additional actions.

Framework of our CSR strategy:

  • Development, with the sponsoring of the Group Executive Board, of an Alter Domus Code of Ethics and CSR for 2018 and beyond
  • Creation in February 2018 of an International CSR Committee, including Country Executives representing all Alter Domus teams around the world, which meets in Luxembourg every 2 months to pilot, enrich and validate the CSR strategy and its variations concrete.


Trading with our stakeholders and suppliers is a key step for Alter Domus to ensure mutual respect of the CSR principles regarding the services provided and sold

CSR Procurement Charter under development. 


Alter Domus is committed to prioritizing the best environmental solutions in the choices regarding the construction and layout of our future Melius Building.

Within Alter Domus, workshops will be organised with "Melius" champions specially trained on CSR issues, to make employees aware of the environmental impacts and to collect ideas in the long term, in the form of suggestion boxes (0 paper policy, clean desks, displays ...).


Major social CSR axes:

Internal coaching programme was launched in 2017 to support each individual leader in his professional and personal development.

Prevention of Psychosocial Risks

Establishment of an EAP ("Employee Assistance Program") in all countries (free of charge psychological assistance, face to face counselling, and legal assistance).

HR harassment and Burn Out Prevention Alert Procedure. Each Manager and Business Partner HR is informed of a procedure for reporting alerts concerning employees who are in a sensitive situation, to the appropriate HR contact who is responsible for the immediate treatment of the situation.

Actions for Occupational Health in connection with the ASTF (Burn Out Prevention Conferences, Work life balance, internal cycles of stress management, Tai Chi, Mindfulness ...).

Gender Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

At Alter Domus, we believe that diversity is a strength. Our Recruitment team pays particular attention to gender balance and we also ensure the opportunities for the opening of career paths.

In some jurisdictions, national certifications are being explored (Jersey, Inclusion National certification ...).

Regarding the gender balance, a Positive Actions program was put in place a few years ago, and a strong Leadership for Women program was launched in 2017.

Alter Domus active in social life

Volunteering: our employees in certain jurisdictions benefit from "days off" dedicated to a volunteering action of their choice.

A program encouraging volunteering will be launched in Luxembourg in 2018 with a "week of volunteering" organised for the benefit of Luxembourg Associations wishing to make themselves known to our employees, who in exchange will be encouraged to "give time" partially or fully reimbursed by Alter Domus.


Presentation of the CSR policy in the welcome booklet for new employees whatever their jurisdiction.