Voyages Josy Clément's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities?

Voyages Josy Clément has been committed since 2016 to a CSR initiative. CSR is lived through a corporate strategy revolving around the pillars of governance, the social / societal and the environment. Thus, VJC fully adheres to this pragmatic approach to sustainable development and wishes to engage with IMS to promote CSR.


Voyages Josy Clément’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy:

The company's strategy is centered around 3 pillars of sustainable development, which encompass social, societal, environmental and economic policies.

  • Respondent of a responsible social policy: Respect and well-being of employees goes through measures of inclusion, motivation and encouragement that result on the one hand by management of health, safety and diversity and on the other hand an adequate management of their development and professional mobility as well as their employability.
  • Winner of the Occupational Safety and Health Prevention Award 2016: VJC's social policy is based on the utmost respect for employees. Thus, the company insures first of all their safety and health at work, because their short and long-term well-being is at the center of the concerns. The process was rewarded by the Accident Insurance Association, which awarded the 2016 Occupational Safety and Health Prevention Award to VJC.
  • Signatory of the Diversity Charter in 2016: VJC is a signatory of the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter with the aim of promoting equal opportunities between our employees.
  • Respondent of a responsible societal policy: VJC pays particular attention to the needs of society and offers a range of quality services accessible to all, cooperating with local (municipal) and national institutions (ministries) to optimize pricing and provide a transportation service for people with reduced mobility.
  • Committed to society: Philanthropic commitment, social entrepreneurship and employee social commitment are among the priorities and lead the company to regularly participate in activities that are part of this philosophy, such as helping refugees in the Red Cross reception center or the IMS Cap Job (Handi) project, participation in research in the fields of social innovation and sustainable development at the University.
  • Certified corporate social responsibility: ESR label by the INDR for a period of 3 years.


Voyages Josy Clément’s CSR actions and framework:

For the company, a responsible environmental policy means ensuring employment, responsible for natural resources, contributing directly and indirectly to climate change, managing waste responsibly, investing in sustainable construction and maintaining to a minimum the noise nuisance of the activities.

  • Reducing CO2 emissions: As a passenger transport company, VJC considers it a priority to permanently reduce its environmental footprint and prepares for 2017 the establishment of a carbon footprint, in order to trace the evolution of its emissions. greenhouse gas. Similarly, the company is integrating more and more hybrid-powered vehicles for its passenger transport service and uses fully electric powered service vehicles. The eco-driving training, which benefits each driver allows a significant reduction in fuel consumption?
  • Promoter of sustainable construction: it is in a spirit of environmental responsibility that the construction of a new bus base in Junglinster started 6 months ago. This is a sustainable construction, intended to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, by using eco-friendly building materials and minimizing the environmental impact of built-up areas, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels, a rainwater harvesting system or solar panels to heat the installations.