Chambre de Commerce’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The Chamber of Commerce has always supported CSR related issues. Together with our employees, we consider CSR as important to develop a long lasting environment for our companies, the economy and for Luxembourg. As IMS Luxembourg is one of the major actors concerning CSR in Luxembourg, working together appeared as an obvious fact. Our first major opportunity to work together with IMS Luxembourg was the realization of the Third Industrial Revolution Strategy Study for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This first major collaboration led to develop  synergies between IMS Luxembourg and the Chamber of Commerce.


Chambre de Commerce's CSR policy:

The Chamber of Commerce is currently developing its general CSR policy that places its members at the centre of its strategic thinking and that aims to create a long term prosperous economy. In order to get an official CSR policy as well as its related measures and indicators, the Chamber of Commerce is currently working on its very first sustainable development report.


Chambre de Commerce's CSR actions and frameworks:

The Chamber of Commerce offers its employees many CSR initiatives as for example : a very large training scheme, language courses to ease social and professional inclusion of those who aren’t Luxembourgish speakers, a generous salary package (fruits provided at the office, M-pass, Vél’oh card, lunch passes, …), a great flexibility for employees requesting a part time job, etc.

The Chamber of Commerce develops and offers many initiatives to the community as for example: collaboration with Zarabina asbl & Initiativ Ërem Schaffen asbl, offering opportunities each year to 20 training and 25 summer jobs, the realization of the Third Industrial Revolution study, the launch of the House of Entrepreneurship, the creation of the “Talent check” scheme for students, the participation to the dayCARE initiative, the signing of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, the implementation of a waste management policy under the label SuperDrecksKëscht, etc.

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