Allen & Overy’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

We want to show ourselves responsible in regard to our employees, partners, clients, environment and the communities we are evolving in.

Joining IMS reflects our wish to mark this involvement, to communicate with other actors of Luxembourg’s business scene who are interested in CSR concepts and to share best practices and new initiatives with them.


Allen & Overy’s CSR policy:

As a law cabinet, law and equity fascinate us.

Our adhesion to Allen&Overy (of Anglo-Saxon origin) very quickly sensitised us in regard to CSR themes and actions. An entire culture and way of acting have progressively developed at the heart of our study. Being a lawyer means having diverse and varied relationships with the economic world. This situation offers us a privileged observatory status and has quickly made us realise how big the stakes are in our current world: equality of chances, diversity, integration, environment protection and corporate management.


Allen & Overy’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Reduce our “footprint” 
We seriously consider the impact of our activities on the environment and have integrated this dimension in to our CSR policy.

Our objective is to measure and understand the environmental impact (collective and individual) of our cabinet in order to be able to inform and sensitise our employees, in the aim of reducing pollution. Recently, when relocating to Kirchberg, we wanted to decrease the ecological footprint of our new premises.

The publication of an environment report at corporate level once again demonstrates Allen&Overy’s concern. The report includes various worldwide initiatives, from the “Turn IT off”* campaign to encouraging employees to travel by bicycle (both being actions applied in our offices in Luxembourg).

Diversity and integration
Our aspiration is to attract and retain the most talented individuals from different areas and cultures. We offer them gratifying career plans and an evolving working environment, which will help them develop their potential and satisfy their ambition.

Our vision of success is to create a corporate culture that values our employees and to set up teams with multiple complementary skills and experiences.

An economically responsible actor
We want to be an economically responsible actor, whether it is in our sector of activity or concerning our economic interactions in a broader sense.

Our purchase policy is based on the principles of equity and respect.

We also wish to play a constructive role in the juridical development and the evolution of the legal profession. We get involved as much as we can in the drafting of laws and participate in many juridical associations. The access to justice is a top priority.

* Intern communication campaign “Turn IT Off” to decrease the waste of energy and money due to office equipment (PCs, phone screens, printers, …) being left on stand-by and lights staying on all night.


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