L.E.E’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

By joining IMS, we wish to share our values, exchange experiences, and take advantage of IMS’ dynamism to support actions and carry out projects. 


L.E.E’s CSR policy:

CSR is a part of our fundamental values. Sustainable and responsible development is found at the heart of our activities. Our engagement is reflected by our primary goal for our projects: “generate value with wastes”. 


L.E.E’s CSR actions and frameworks:

As a service company specialised in planning, development, the implementation of “Bioenergy” projects, sustainable development, the efficient use of resources and the promotion of renewable energies are our main preoccupations. 

Whilst integrating the concept of circular economy, we are developing technical integrated concepts valorising biomass and organic wastes by generating renewable energies in heat, cold, and electricity, and by producing bio-methane and/or fertilisers. As actors in the agricultural, public, and industrial sectors, we act for a sustainable development on a daily basis. 


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