ALD Automotive’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Seeing as we associate societal responsibility with corporate management and the services we offer, it appeared interesting to be able to participate in the exchange within a community that exposes the same motivations and comprises many members who are already deeply implied in matters of CSR and from which we can surely learn valuable lessons.


ALD Automotive’s CSR policy:

With 60 employees, we are a corporation of modest size and do not have resources specifically dedicated to the animation of CSR. It has therefore been decided that it should become everyone’s business. The managing committee has suggested that daily strategy and management should take CSR dimensions.


ALD Automotive’s CSR actions and frameworks:

There are two focal points:

1. Corporate management in which societal responsibility is a strong concern at the level of: human resources, where we work towards diversity, human expansion, promotion of our values and integration on the one hand…and on the other hand, in terms of daily corporate life, where we adapt our working styles in order to sustain a better use of energy, consumables or even waste separation.

2. As an operational leasing society, we very well know that the means of transport we offer our clients are necessary. We like to act responsibly in matters of pollution. That is why we have developed the “BlueFleet” offer, which was developed in order to advise and escort our clients to their destinations and thus reduce pollution. Our project also suggests solutions for carbon neutralisation in collaboration with the “MyClimate” association, which is specialised in projects of carbon compensation.


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