FELTEN et Associés’ motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

We wish to be involved in IMS because we are aware that our cabinet management must also integrate social and environmental ecosystems. Taking part in IMS’ activities is also a crucial argument to motivate our teams.

Hence, we have been seduced by a few of IMS' projects, such as PART&ACT that we have heard a lot about.


FELTEN et Associés’ CSR policy:

Without being labelled as CSR in our cabinet, corporate social responsibility is very present in FELTEN & Associés. We aim to improve society and protect the environment in our everyday decisions, whilst aiming for profitability and growth.

Our notions of quality management, security at the workplace, and well-being at work are concepts on which we are constantly working, without hesitating to question some of our practices that have been implemented for many years.

Having integrated sustainable development in our cabinet’s strategy contributes to the improvement of our overall performance.


FELTEN et Associés’ CSR actions and frameworks:

At present, we do not have a concrete CSR policy that covers our entire ethic, our social goals, our evaluation requirements, and norms. Our main reason for becoming member of IMS is to finally structure our approach, and formalise it.


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