Why participate?

Benefits for the company :

  • Act concretely as a responsible company
  • Improve internal cohesion: increase staff loyalty, reinforce team work
  • Stimulate the staff’s enterprising spirit, motivation and creativity
  • Enable the company to better understand local markets, to develop its networks, and have access to new channels of information
  • Benefit from an organisation’s CSR expertise in a very specific field of action
  • Enhance company image and visibility

Benefits for employees

  • Broaden their cultural horizons and field experience through the discovery of the voluntary sector and socially related issues
  • Become actors of their company’s citizenship commitment: corporate ambassadors for the company’s values and know-how
  • Invest in a cause and develop their sense of challenge
  • Enhance and develop transferable skills by revising their business practices (leadership development, personal development, other expertise and self-management skills)

How to participate?

It is easy and efficient! With only a few clicks, present us your partnership project!In order participate in Part&Act project, companies must be member of IMS Luxembourg.

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