Mobility as a powerful CSR lever

For companies, promoting eco-mobility is a way of taking an interest in the daily lives of employees while improving the attractiveness of their sites and offices and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, CO2 emissions in a company's carbon footprint can represent a significant portion. Companies are therefore at the heart of the mobility challenge and for IMS a major lever in the transition towards more responsible mobility. Advocating for eco-mobility therefore involves seeking the best solutions to meet travel needs. These solutions may concern the development of carpooling, intelligent management of parking spaces, the development of soft mobility or increased use of public transport. With the pandemic and the development of teleworking since 2020, it is also proving to be an interesting lever in reducing travel and therefore emissions linked to employees' journeys to work. 

Working groups to find solutions at different scales

IMS runs working groups in different geographical areas in Luxembourg. They meet approximately 3 times a year to discuss common issues and seek solutions to make employee mobility more respectful of the environment and well-being. 
Developing carpooling, encouraging people to change their home-work mobility habits, identifying obstacles to soft mobility, managing parking spaces, are all subjects on which companies can share good practices, find common solutions and share  feedback to the competent authorities. 

The Mobility Game for Luxembourg

Inspired by the Climate Collage, the Mobility Game is a collaborative workshop to raise awareness of the carbon issues of personal mobility. It gives pride of place to the levers of action that everyone can activate: individual, business, community. For novices and experts alike, it provides a better understanding of how to adopt more economical mobility individually and collectively. In collaboration with the French association The Shifters, at the origin of the game, IMS produced the Luxembourg version, containing figures, data and statistics specific to the Grand Duchy. Contact the Sustainability Academy for more information.


European Mobility Week 2023 
This week is always marked by mobilizing actions at IMS. In 2023, IMS planned 3 dates on this topic with its members. 

Car-free day at Cloche d'Or
Employees from a number of organisations in the area were invited to use public transport and/or bicycles to get to work, as a way of testing out new commuting habits.


Vélo à Belval, le 19 septembre 2023

Cycling in Belval
A chance to meet local players in the field of safe cycling in Belval. Among other things, the event offered the chance to try out different types of bike. 



Mobilité durable en pratique, le 21 septembre 2023


Workshop sustainable mobility
World café with discussions between companies on sustainable mobility management. 












Ecomobility guide


Tools and good practices for companies
IMS has worked for many years with its members to promote the development of a corporate culture in terms of sustainable mobility and has just published an eco-mobility guide. 

Ecomobility can bring many benefits to organisations and the guide is designed as an independent resource for choosing innovative solutions and defining mobility strategies.

The guide provides a “toolbox” and some best practices to help organisations find the best solutions and make their commitment to sustainable mobility a reality. Carpooling, teleworking, car sharing, walking, cycling or any other mode of collective transport, alternatives exist. The combination of travel solutions then makes it possible to meet the needs of employees, customers or visitors from a multimodal perspective.

Protected file, don't hesitate to ask us for access info@imslux.lu


Ecomobility in Luxembourg


A leaflet in foldable format was created in 2022 to summarise all the solutions for traveling in Luxembourg in a responsible and sustainable way. This guide can be made available to your employees in order to encourage them to adopt good practices and simplify their access to information. Only in French.




Commuting by bike: the videos

Four awareness-raising videos on the use of bicycles for commuting: benefits, flexibility, safety and travel times.



The Mobility Game for Luxembourg

In collaboration with the French association The Shifters, at the origin of the game, IMS produced the Luxembourg version, containing figures, data and statistics specific to the Grand Duchy. 

Contact the Sustainability Academy for more information.

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