In line with Part&Act

In recent years, there has been a dynamic of rapprochement between public interest organisations and traditional companies. The Project Part & Act, created 5 years ago, has helped developing this dynamic through awareness-raising and concrete solutions that led member companies of IMS Luxembourg to exchange and maintain privileged relations with associations and charities.

In view of the current complexity of social and environmental challenges, developing new models of partnerships between actors of general interest and traditional businesses as a mean of action is becoming urgent. Alongside patronage, other forms of cooperation are emerging, focusing on responsible practices, co-construction and societal innovation.



The PARTNERS WITH IMPACT Project, co-organised by IMS Luxembourg, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, the ULESS and 6zero1 ensures the continuity of Part&Act. It aims at stimulating the development of these new partnerships models in the Grand-Duchy by providing tools and a methodology, and by encouraging meetings, exchange and co-creation between business and society.

It is therefore a question of bringing together the member companies of IMS Luxembourg and social enterprises around more specific axes of cooperation and in response to environmental and social challenges.



The project has two distinct objectives:

Intensify the exchange of skills between IMS members and social enterprises in a win-win logic through the setting up of action-oriented workshops

Identify the primary societal issues of the territory and respond collectively by concrete initiatives involving both IMS members and social enterprises



Methodology based on the four types of partnerships identified by the French association Le Rameau






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Skills workshops aim at providing social enterprises with the time and skills of corporate volunteers. Various workshops will be organized collectively or individually around pre-identified skills needs.

Through these skills workshops, social enterprises can also bring their expertise (environment, disability, integration) to the IMS Luxembourg member companies and support them in the evolution of their CSR practices.



NEXT MEETING : 15 october 2019

To help...

  • The Association des Parents d'Enfants Mentalement Handicapés (APEMH) for help in communication and graphics.
  • As well as the Centres d'Initiative et de Gestion Local (CIGL) Strassen and Kopstal​ for strategic advice.


The last skills workshop was held on the 2nd of july 2019 at MESIS (Maison de l'Economie Sociale et de l'Innovation Sociale). Several volunteers from IMS Luxembourg member companies had the opportunity to support the projects of the following organisations :

  • Nyki SIS (for a accounting issue)
  • Allagi SIS (for a marketing issue)


The past workshops :

Atelier de transfert de compétences le mercredi 20 mars 2019

  • 20 march 2019 : Support to microlux and CIGL Esch
  • 7th of November 2018 : Support to CNDS and SIPO
  • 18th of June 2018 : Support to Ligue HMC and Youth & Work
  • 19th of January 2018 : Support to Yolande Coop and Ateliers du Tricentenaire
  • 24th of May 2017 : Support to Autisme Luxembourg, Caritas Accueil and Solidarité and Wunnéngshëllef
Key figures
35 participants
4 workshops
420 hours of voluntering
9 social and solidarity enterprise supported


The co-creation workshops aim at developing innovative and collaborative models that use the strengths of social and traditional enterprises to respond effectively and forcefully to social and environmental challenges.

The goal of these workshops is therefore to create innovative solutions with high social impact, benefiting each of the stakeholders.

Four-workshops cycles are organized to answer collectively each challenge identified upstream and adapted to the Luxembourg context (prevention of over-indebtedness, fight against obesity, renewable energies, recycling ...).



Diversity - Inclusion of LGBTI people

In 2018 and 2019, the cycle is dedicated to a diversity theme and focuses on the inclusion of LGBTI people.

Many stereotypes and prejudices still exist on LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) people, despite legislation and a rather favorable environment in Luxembourg. Discrimination and homo-bi-transphobic acts remain a reality in the world and in Europe while in Luxembourg, the lack of tangible data on the situation of LGBTI people does not allow to draw a picture of the social and professional reality.

Our goal
The new cycle of workshops retains the same ambition: to bring together multiple actors from private companies, social and solidarity economy companies or public bodies around a societal issue to make them think together about innovative initiatives and good practices to co-build.


Household’s over-indebtedness in Luxembourg

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The first workshops cycle held in 2017 has addressed the issue of over-indebtedness in Luxembourg.

During the four workshops organised between July and November, over 60 participants from 40 different organisations gathered to work on three key subjects related to over-indebtedness :

  • Financial education
  • Prevention of over-indebtedness
  • Over-indebted persons support

The new thematic report on over-indebtedness in Luxembourg summarizes the work and discussions of the four workshops. It gives an overview of the issue of over-indebtedness in Luxembourg : key figures and information, progress of the workshops and concrete solutions.