E-learning infobesity: exploring solutions to information overload

Published on 19 December 2022

Infobesity refers to excess information that people cannot process or handle without harming themselves or their business. Recognising the need to develop specific individual and collective skills to ensure a truly "tech-savvy" workforce, we offer this e-learning to explore solutions to the problem of infobesity.

IMS encourages all organisations to seize this tool and share it to enrich, for example, the well-being at work training framework. If your organisation is a member of IMS, a certificate of participation can be delivered.


Pedagogical and pragmatic, this e-learning invites everyone to take a step back from their daily professional life and provides keys to reducing sources of information overload.


The aim of this e-learning
to respond to certain risks linked to infobesity,
to assess the level of learners,
to enable the dissemination of skills and good practices.
The course contains ten modules of 15 to 20 minutes each, which you can take one or more times in the order and timeframe that suits you. The first eight modules are already available, and we invite you to share them with your friends and colleagues. 


(only in French)


To access the e-learning, there is a compulsory questionnaire to fill in, allowing IMS to collect the necessary data to meet the statistical needs of the European Social Fund, which finances the project.


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