In August, "Have a break"

Published on 1 August 2022

August is a bit less busy month for IMS. It is an opportunity for the team to take a step back from the first few months and to work on the activities in September. Among other highlights are the European Mobility Week and the next edition of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum.

A few tips from the team for a serene start to the holidays: 

  • Lighten your schedule the week before your departure,
  • Complete urgent and important tasks,
  • Warn your professional entourage of your departure,
  • Delegate tasks that cannot wait until your return,
  • Brief the people to whom you delegate,
  • Delete any work-related applications you may have on your phone,
  • Set aside time on your return to get back into the swing of things and get through the essentials,
  • Schedule a check-in with the people you have delegated to thank them and update you, 
  • Write your out-of-office message and tidy up your desk,
  • Disconnect, and above all, enjoy!


On the road with the Sustainability Mag

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