Overview of intercultural training and initiatives in Luxembourg

Published on 8 July 2022


In collaboration with the Department of Integration of the Ministry of Integration, Family and the Greater Region, IMS has published a report that identifies existing initiatives and training in the associative, professional and state milieus on the theme of interculturality in Luxembourg.

This inventory aims

  • to identify the key actors and multipliers of the subject, 
  • to identify initiatives and training courses and to draw up observations, 
  • to consult them to gather their opinion on the weaknesses, strengths and gaps in the offer, 
  • and to survey them to identify any isolated or little-known courses.

Thus, this study aims to conduct a cross-sectional analysis of the sector's complementarities. The different data collected will allow us to evaluate needs and, in this hypothesis, to co-create proposals for future actions based on the results obtained.

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