IMS and the Paperjam + Delano Club are organising the Sustainability Awards, applications are open!

Published on 20 April 2022

This coming October, the Sustainability Awards 2022 will honour Luxembourg companies active in the field of sustainable development. This first edition is organised by IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability and Paperjam + Delano Club, who have decided to combine their skills and expertise. 

“We have had the idea of Sustainability awards in mind for some time, especially thanks to our experience in organising such awards, such as with the Diversity awards launched since 2015. This year, IMS is celebrating its 15th anniversary, so it's the perfect time. We need to accelerate the movement and above all act with virtuous practices in favour of a more prosperous and sustainable society,” says Nancy Thomas, director of IMS, which welcomes its partnership with Paperjam + Delano Club. The collaboration combines “IMS's expertise on sustainable development topics with that of Paperjam + Delano Club to mobilise local players around major events.”

“While politicians continue to negotiate their country's agreements and commitments, we are launching an appeal to economic leaders: to accelerate the deployment of their carbon strategy to achieve carbon neutrality as quickly as possible, voluntarily and independently of politics,” says Mike Koedinger, president, founder and chairman of Maison Moderne, who had already launched an appeal to Luxembourg companies in January. “The Sustainability Awards are an opportunity to celebrate organisations that have already achieved success with projects and are of course a source of inspiration for others.”

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