Sustainability Manager Club #1 - CSRD and sustainability strategy

CSRD capacity building programme

This year IMS is offering you a program dedicated to the CSRD topic. This new directive aims to harmonise and strengthen sustainability reporting obligations and will apply gradually from January 2024. Companies will have to publish detailed information on their risks, opportunities and material impacts in relation to environmental, social and governance topics.

The objective of this program in 7 sessions, between March and September, is to decipher the obligations linked to the new reporting standards, to discuss and share practices in small groups and to understand how to concretely prepare your organisation for the implementation of this reporting . This will also allow, in a broader sense, to work concretely in a transversal manner on your strategy in terms of social responsibility. The sessions will be interactive and practical, aiming to give participants tools for understanding and action to implement within their organization.

During this first session, we will deal with the general obligations linked to CSRD, stakeholder management, the concept of double materiality, and the integration of these principles into the sustainability strategy of organisations in the medium and long term.

When? Thursday, 21th of March, 9h - 12h
Where? PwC / 2 Rue Gerhard Mercator / 2182 Gasperich Luxembourg
With whom? PwC Luxembourg
For whom? Anyone working in an IMS member organisation. People working in functions related to CSR/Sustainability strategy, as well as the Finance/Reporting function are particularly concerned by these sessions and encouraged to participate together, where possible.


If you have any questions about this event, please contact laetitia.georgel@imslux.lu


Photos will likely be taken at the event intended to be published by IMS Luxembourg in written or digital media. Please inform the host at the beginning of the event if you do not wish to be in the photos.
At the end of the event you will receive a certificate of attendance which you can provide to your HR department.

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