Sustainability Manager Club - Awareness raising & change management (EN)

The IMS club dedicated to all professions linked to sustainable development is back for 2023! New year, new format: each meeting will take place in person once a month during lunchtime to create a round-table format for open discussions on current ESG/CSR topics. On top of that, a special guest will be invited to each session to join the discussion.

The topic of this session: Awareness raising & change management

Support from the top is necessary for proper awareness raising on sustainability. Once leadership alignment is ensured, it becomes a powerful force for embedding sustainability into many other areas of the organisation, apart of the sustainability department or team. A focus on sustainable change must look beyond simply effecting the change or just meeting legislative requirements and market demands on sustainability, focusing in dealing with the potential existence of the organisation and the same for its people. While the objective of sustainability projects and programs is to enhance change, that is not always performed. To that end for sustainability change to be successful it is of paramount importance to remove approaches, mechanisms, and tools of the past, implementing at the same time new processes to sustain the desired future state.

The live discussion of the SMC will act as a dialogue and brainstorming session in order to exchange views and opinions but also express ideas and share thoughts on change management from the sustainability angle. Participants will have the opportunity to elaborate on, share their practice, and discuss about the approaches and ways to build upon educational efforts, coaching/mentoring, review, and evaluation best practices, in order to embed sustainability in each and everyone within the organisation making them understand the evolving impacts of change for their careers itself and for the potential of the organisation that they belong to. Assisted by the facilitator of the SMC, participants will be creating skills and techniques to ensure the investment of time and other resources to sustaining the change. 

When? Thursday 7th of December from noon to 2:00 p.m
Where? Alter Domus / 15 Bd Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen / 2411 Luxembourg
For who? Anyone involved in both reflecting on or implementing ESG / CSR within their organisation

Event in English


Photos will likely be taken at the event intended to be published by IMS Luxembourg in written or digital media. Please inform the host at the beginning of the event if you do not wish to be in the photos.

Paula Byrne, Sustainability Consultant, Mind Collective

With over 15 years experience, Paula’s key expertise is on the implementation and improvement of human rights due diligence in global supply chains, how it combines with environmental due diligence, stakeholder engagement  and corporate sustainability disclosure. Paula‘s key focus is on helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals and identifying new opportunities for collaboration and impact.

Paula has worked in a variety of sectors including electronics, automotive, logistics, food and tropical agriculture. She has deep knowledge of EU sustainability legislation and customer expectations. Paula founded a sustainability consultancy company Mind Collective in 2023. Until then she was Sustainability Director Europe for Samsung Electronics where she led the engagement with key customers and NGOs. She coordinated the development of the company ESG strategy for Europe. Previous to 2020 she was Director of Sustainability Management at CSR Europe and before that Director of sustainability for the EU chocolate Industry managing a variety of sustainable sourcing projects in global supply chains (cocoa, palm oil, and hazelnuts) in West Africa, SE Asia, South and Latin America.

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