Continuous learning: what are the individual and collective ingredients?

Always dealing with new working modes, processes, and digital tools, it is now essential to be able to learn and adapt continuously.

If our brain remains a formidable learning machine throughout our lives, the strategies to make our learning effective are not innate and need to be acquired. Recent progresses in cognitive sciences allow us to renew our perspective on learning.

By better understanding how our brain functions, and the mechanisms underlying the memorization and mobilization of knowledge, it is then possible to identify the strategies to be put in place, individually and collectively, to learn continuously.

When? Wednesday 8th of June, from 2 to 4pm 
Where? Arendt & Medernach / 41 Av. John F. Kennedy / 2082 Luxembourg

Collaborative training. 
Event in French.

We inform event attendees that they are likely to appear on photographs taken during the event. These are intended to be published in written or digital media edited by IMS Luxembourg. 

Marie Lacroix

Marie Lacroix holds a PhD in Neurosciences with a specialization in sleep and memory, their architectures and intricacies. As the co-founder of CogX, she is now sharing her expertise beyond the labs to bring change through appropriate learning methods and work modes, and turn the latter into levers towards well-being and individual and collective performances. 

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