Science-Based Targets & Climate Action Luxembourg Task Force

The Science-Based Targets & Climate Action Luxembourg Task Force's main objective is to help your organization set and achieve greenhouse gas reduction targets according to climate science. It aims to create a collaborative platform where everyone can discuss the topic and learn from experts and organizations already engaged in the process. It will also help to create synergies to make your company a climate leader in Luxembourg. The Task Force will be inspired by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

The first workshop will take place on 9 March and will include: 

  • A sub-group discussion on topic advancement within participating organizations, desires, and expectations towards the Task Force, 
  • A brief presentation on the SBTi and a selection of alternative approaches,
  • A sub-group exercise to enrich the Task Force's program. 

When? March 9, 2pm – 5pm. / REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED
Where? Via Webex (linked will be sent following your subscription)
By whom? Xavier Delposen (Coévolution) with Sophie Öberg & Thomas Oger (IMS).
For whom? IMS members registered to the Task Force - If you wish to be part of the Task Force but are not yet registered, please contact Thomas Oger by email asap 


Workshop mainly in French.
No replay will be available at the end of this webinar.


We inform event attendees that they are likely to appear on photographs taken during the event. These are intended to be published in written or digital media edited by IMS Luxembourg.  

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