The challenges of sustainable development today are unequivocal. The need for ethical, social and environmental transformation is setting the pace for the economy at an increasing rate. In this context, each company can and must contribute by transforming its practices. However, instigating and implementing change with internal and external stakeholders can be tricky, and the tools and knowledge are not necessarily known. And before changing, it is essential to know what to change. For this, B Corp sets a course with ambitious actions and standards.

The network of thousands of companies uses a vision of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy for the benefit of all to develop specific environmental and social performance standards that are measurable, ambitious, realistic and geared towards continuous improvement.

The B Corp movement is booming internationally and is no exception in Luxembourg. Since October 2022, IMS Luxembourg has been the single point of contact for certified B Corp companies and companies interested in the movement in the Grand Duchy. Our objectives are threefold:

  • Inform and communicate about the movement in general to companies and other interested parties.
  • To bring together, in close collaboration with B Lab Benelux and B Lab Europe, the active members of the B Corp community in the territory to help them create synergies and improve their impact in a collaborative spirit.
  • To assist organisations wishing to enter a certification process by providing contacts and information.


More information on B Corp certified companies in Luxembourg and the B Impact Assessment


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What is the B Corp movement?

Now active in over 80 countries and more than 150 industries, the B Corp movement was launched in 2006 to promote values of committed change in the corporate world on an international scale. These values are summarised by making business a driving force for the benefit of all. Its holistic and challenging vision is based on five areas of impact to be integrated into business models and operations: governance, employees, communities, environment and customers.

By being a certified B Corp or using the B Impact Assessment, a company sends the message that it intends to contribute to society positively. The aim is not to be the best in the world but the best for the world. It also aims to positively influence a company's ecosystem through suppliers, customers and other stakeholders