CODUR’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

CODUR is a real estate promotion company in Luxembourg specialised in sustainable construction. Our job, the way we have designed it, is focused on responsible values, connecting humans, sharing, and satisfaction on economic and ecological problematics of all actors on this market. By joining IMS, we wish to share our experiences, support projects, and contribute to a sustainable and responsible policy.

CODUR’s CSR policy:

CODUR places its action in the logic of sustainable development. Its main preoccupation consists of reconciling social and human imperatives with a better-shared economic progress, and a better respect of ecological equilibriums.  The main aim is to preserve the rights of future generations to a healthy environment of quality. The sustainable development is not a concept, it is a value. At CODUR, we put our competencies to use for our convictions in order to durably provide a healthy and respectful environment to our residents.

CODUR’s CSR actions and frameworks:

If we look at the bigger picture, CODUR is focused on 6 main durable axes:

  • Creating human-sized residences: one of the objectives is to permit each resident to preserve their identity whilst proposing pleasant and friendly constructions, valorising exchanges;
  • Privileging the well-being of residents: choice of the establishment, of proximity, commodities, surfaces diversity, choice and quality of materials, customer follow-ups, and actions reinforcing the satisfaction and well-being of residents;
  • Privileging the quality of living spaces: CODUR gives quality and attention to all sorts of special requirements on functionality and complementarity of private and common surfaces;
  • Respecting each individual and our nature: professional fulfilment internally, proximity communication on site, client support, precautious selection of partners and suppliers, and integration of clean technologies and materials, reflect this desire to respect individuals and their environment;
  • Assuring coherence in aesthetics: assuring a certain coherence in the whole building in its environment, such as harmonisation of colours and details, and choice and usage of materials;
  • Guaranteeing an excellent quality of material and interior finishing touches: is translated by the optimisation of CODUR specifications, the free of materials by clients (following pre-selection), a collaboration with the interior designer, and a control of final delivery.

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