Pinsent Masons Luxembourg's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities?

Participating in IMS Luxembourg, sharing experiences and working collectively for social and societal responsibility is just one more step and natural to our CSR policy.


Pinsent Masons Luxembourg’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been at the heart of our concerns, whether it be our day-to-day work, our human resources management policy or our social commitment.
We focus our approachs and actions for the promotion of values such as diversity, equality and well-being and we rely on the involvement and participation of each of our employees.


Pinsent Masons Luxembourg’s CSR actions and framework:

Our study has always paid particular attention to the working environment of its employees.

Respect for parity

We have always aimed for gender parity and reached a near-perfect balance, since in 2011 54% of positions were held by women. We promote the advancement of women in top management and make it a point of honor to offer the same career and compensation for all.

Balance between work and private life

Many of our employees are young parents and, in order to facilitate their management of working time, we offer them teleworking opportunities thanks to secure computerized access. Our employees can respond to their personal concerns while ensuring their professional obligations.


Some of our employees wished to take advantage of a part-time, either momentarily to respond to a personal project, or in the longer term in order to best reconcile their personal and professional interests. The experience of arranging working time is very positive because the personal fulfillment of our employees has a direct impact on their involvement and their professional efficiency.


We put in place various initiatives for the health and comfort of our employees. Because well-being is also about the atmosphere at work, our Partners encourage social activities and invite, for example, their employees for a daily coffee break. They can enjoy kitchens, relaxation areas and terraces where fruit and fruit juice are available to them according to the seasons. Every year, we go for a ski weekend in the mountains and allow our employees to benefit from subscriptions and sports training. We also offer those who want the vaccine against seasonal flu. Through these actions, we ensure the comfort of life and work of our employees.
The success of our firm does not make us lose sight of our responsibilities as a social actor. In addition to meeting the needs of our customers and employees, we are engaged in many areas.

Environment & Ethics

We use paper from sustainably managed forests and the coffee we provide to our employees comes from fair trade. Our electricity is green and we, along with the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, helped promote the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010 by creating and distributing greeting cards, calendars and colorful umbrellas. this special year.


Pinsent Masons Luxembourg is proud to be a founding member of "Listen for Better Hearing", a Luxembourgish foundation that aims to provide access to music for people who are generally excluded from cultural life.
Through various actions, we regularly support associations such as SOS Children's Villages, Caritas or the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Promotion of women

Equality between men and women, integration of women in the development of society, promotion of women's entrepreneurship ... All values ​​that defend our study.

Arts & Sports

We are the official sponsor of the Luxembourg Rugby Federation and we are committed to supporting young painters living in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, organizing exhibitions in our premises and promoting them with our contacts.