In the context of the digitalisation of the world of work, the core objective of this project is to facilitate and adapt young people's career guidance through the existing dayCARE initiative.

This project pertains to the interplay between societal commitment and digital skills. It aims to facilitate and adapt vocational orientation of the Luxembourgish youth through the emphasis on commitment and motivation for purpose-driven careers and pathways. In light of this, CARE (actor in the societal commitment space, particularly amongst the youth) and IMS Luxembourg are offering to combine their expertise in this field. The project builds on the success of the dayCARE initiative and develops it to tailor it to the specific needs of the jobs of tomorrow, whcih are essential for a model of sustainable development. 

Thus, young people will be invited to participate to the dayCARE with the title of "Digital Explorers". One day dedicated to discovering a specific job during which young people and employees will have to produce a 'Digital Vision' based on adapted co-creation tools.


The aim is to instigate transversal reflections between the youth and companies' employees about the future of work in the context of the impact of digitalisation.

This projects benefits from the support from the Ministry for national Education, Childhood and Youth and the Ministry for Work, Employment and the Social and Solidary Economy and the European Social Fund. 

Lauching event on June, 14
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