IMS invites its members to take part in a unique culinary experience!

Participate in our interactive lunch on Tuesday, March 14th 2018, from 12h00 to 14h00. These two hours will very concretely illustrate the efforts undertaken by four companies of the Luxembourg food sector spanning across sustainable development, traceability and the prevention of waste. Mr. Camille Gira, Secretary of State for Sustainable Development will join this lunch and highlight the opportunities to innovate at all levels of the food chain. 

Over a year after the release of Luxembourg’s Third Industrial Revolution Strategic Study, IMS Luxembourg would like to support its members in the implementation of concrete measures tied to this strategic framework, thus promoting best practices across its network. To do so, IMS is organising six innovative events throughout 2018 and 2019. These six workshops will successively address each pillar of the Third Industrial Revolution, and will be based on the best practices celebrated by the People’s Vote Projects.

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Event in French.

Free lunch, only for IMS members. Places are limited!

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