Wellbeing at work

Burn-out, bore-out, infobesity, FOMO are just some of the indicators of a state of unwellness increasingly encountered at work. However, many studies show that happy employees tend to be more productive.


The benefits, for a happy company, are translated through gains in sales, productivity and effectiveness. And that is without taking into account the positive effects on employees’ health and quality of life.

Wellbeing at work fits in managerial innovation through notions of autonomy, empowerment, valorization, purpose, and the opportunity available to each and every one to unleash their creativity. Moreover, the prevention of psycho-social risks is key in ensuring improved well-being in corporations. These recommendations, accessible to all, are nonetheless not that easy to guarantee in heavily ramified companies.

IMS offers to support companies in the definition of objectives and the formalization of a framework to certify the respect of the individual and his/her specificities.   

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