Tackling Climate Change

Climate change has become a reality that we all need to face and act on. It threatens the overall development of societies and affects all regions of the planet and all sectors of activity.


National and international experts call for action and demonstrate the urgency and the need for change. IMS is raising awareness of this emergency and acting with its partners in the fight against global warming and greater resilience in the territories.

Thus, at the end of 2020, IMS launched a Task Force dedicated to carbon neutrality. It is based especially on the Science-Based Targets initiative methods, an international initiative that promotes and certifies ambitious emission reduction targets. More than 40 members have answered the call and are moving forward together to make carbon neutrality a concrete reality within their organizations.

Encouraging responsible mobility, waste & plastics reduction, and local & seasonal consumption are other missions pursued by IMS to limit CO2 emissions. Within the Climate Pact, IMS dedicates part of its activities to supporting municipalities and companies in the national territory to set up collaborative synergies and create innovative, virtuous, and sustainable projects. Promoting a spirit of cohesion, animating a living network, and launching solution-oriented initiatives, are the objectives of our initiatives on the territories. Our concrete projects in Luxembourg now involve more than 40 companies in 7 regions.

And because we should lead by example, IMS is also committed to carbon neutrality while offsetting its current residual emissions with MyClimate Luxembourg.




Concrete projects

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