Tackling Climate Change

Climate change has become a reality that we must all face; we thus need to act accordingly. It threatens the global development of companies and impacts all regions across the globe, as well as all activity sectors.


IMS raises both awareness and alarm around the urgency of fighting climate change through resonating and resolutely committed events. National and international experts call for action and demonstrate the urgency and the necessity for change.

Encouraging responsible mobility, promoting local and seasonal consumption to reduce CO2 emissions. IMS dedicates a share of its activities to the implementation of collaborative synergies between companies, as well as between companies and local authorities located on a same territory to mobilize common actions. Promoting a spirit of cohesion, animating a lively network and leading solution-oriented initiatives, such are the objectives of our approach in Economic Activity Zones. Our concrete projects in the Grand-Duchy currently involve over 40 companies across 7 territories.

And because we need to lead by example, IMS has officially sealed its commitment with My Climate Luxembourg through the signature of a partnership convention, thus reaffirming its sustainable commitment and its support to climate protection projects.



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