Up Consulting's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities?

Up Consulting (Up) is a young consulting company that supports its customers in their transformation into "Customer Centric Companies".

For Up Consulting, it seemed important to integrate a network of entrepreneurs and managers with experience in CSR, to be guided and assisted in making decisions and implementing effective actions. A particular point of attention is to clearly identify what will fall under the social responsibility of the entrepreneur in the exercise of his prerogatives, while respecting the individual convictions of employees in the social and environmental areas addressed.

Up Consulting’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy:

The founders of Up Consulting are convinced that it is in the early years of a company that it is easier to put into place what will be at the heart of the company's value system.

As a result, the shareholders wanted to integrate the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility into the governance of the company.

Up Consulting’s CSR actions and framework:

In their social role, the leaders want the development of Up Consulting to be done along the following lines:
- Promote the training of future assets: each year, we will integrate several trainees in order to support them in their training, giving them valuable assignments and prepare them for their professional life, that it continues within from Up or to other horizons.
- Be uncompromising on the respect of equal opportunities when recruiting.
- Respect and recognize employees for their contributions to the development of the company, whatever their status, trainees, employees, subcontractors and partners are also recognized for their work and added value, not according to subjective criteria.
- Encourage employees to participate in social actions in the field, whether direct interventions with people in difficulty (assistance with writing CVs, for example), or indirect actions such as events intended to raise funds.
- Commit to offering preferential rates to NGOs. Following the example of Marc Bennioff, founder of Salesforce, of which Up Consulting is a partner, and initiator of the model 1/1/1 of the Salesforce Foundation. The founders of Up want some of the value creation to be allocated to the NGOs that will use their services. NGOs are indeed organizations that face the same organizational challenges as businesses.

At the environmental level, Up Consulting is committed along two axes:
- In its internal work, Up promotes on the one hand responsible actions by ensuring the controlled use of various resources (paper, electricity, ink). On the other hand, Up encourages the use of organic and environmentally friendly products and will promote the use of soft mobility.
- In their role as prescriber, Up's consultants ensure that the advice provided to their clients encourages them to be resource-efficient themselves (especially with regard to energy consumption linked to technological platforms).


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