Logdirect’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Logdirect is a company concerned about its day-to-day social and environmental impacts. The company aims to unite sensible suppliers around them.

Logdirect’s CSR policy:

CSR is the willingness of the direction of the company. It is the main philosophy of Logdirect and its founders. 

Logdirect’s CSR actions and frameworks:

On the Human Ressources level:
- Equality of chances in recruitment (48 women, and 36 men), broad nationality diversity (22 different nationalities);
- Emphasis on human capital: favouring internal, budget, and training evolutions;
- Relations and conditions of work: team buildings, Christmas parties, Easter, Galette des Rois, Halloween, picnics…

At the environmental level:
- Implementation of good practices;
- Implication in sdk procedures;
- Meatless Monday;
- Fruit baskets twice a week;
- Possibility to get bio fruit and vegetable baskets delivered at work;
- Encouragement to take carpools.

At the beneficiary level:
- Selection of suppliers sensible to ecological print
- Preference for solutions for a moderated environmental impact.

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