KULTURFABRIK's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

We feel profoundly concerned by the professional deontology of IMS Luxembourg. These are values that we share and that we defend on a daily basis within our workplace. 



We apply our CSR policy in every domain in our workplace, and this policy not only concerns our employees, but also our visitors, artists, and partners.


KULTURFABRIK’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Our daily decisions are taken collectively with our staff, a diversified team, just as much for ethics, than for sexual orientation, etc. Two of Kulturfabrik’s key departments are managed by female colleagues (communication and logistics). Since 2011, an ecological charter has been applied within all of our services, and is also applicable to our artists and the public. Finally, our planning is mainly addressed to a public facing difficulties, and this is why we have created an educational centre in our teams since September 2014. 


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