KPMG’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

KPMG Luxembourg is keen to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities because it strengthens their role as an active and responsible Corporate Citizen. This includes collaborating and participating in projects such as:

KPMG Luxembourg understands that to reach Sustainable Development Goals, we must ally ourselves with corporate and responsibility networks like IMS.


KPMG’s CSR policy:

KPMG believe that education and lifelong learning are crucial for building strong communities and economies. They champion a diverse pool of internal and external talent, driven by values. They empower individuals to advance their education and career so as to unlock their potential and change their lives.

KPMG Luxembourg values investment, volunteering and service in all areas. They help and support people in their passion for the greater good and to take action. Together, they aim to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At KPMG, they believe corporate social responsibility is at the heart of all great organizations. They are committed to making a real difference to the communities they operate in. Their Corporate Citizenship Strategy helps them work towards these Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating how their values drive everything we do.


KPMG’s CSR actions and frameworks:

KPMG have created a three-pillar Corporate Citizenship Strategy that shapes all of our relevant activities: Marketplace, Inclusion & Diversity and Societal Impact.

1. Marketplace

KPMG unleash Luxembourg’s potential by making significant contributions to professional associations (e.g. ABBL, IRE, ALFI, LPEA) and supporting government initiatives (e.g. Digital Luxembourg, ICT Spring, Fintech awards).
They reach out to networks such as IMS Luxembourg and ensure social responsibility is maintained through certifications (SDK; ESR LABEL; BREAM etc.).
They aim to communicate with their community in a transparent, genuine, and responsible manner.

2. Inclusion and Diversity

KPMG foster the success of people by maintaining a culture of inclusion and high performance. This allows everyone to achieve their full potential and deliver a distinctive client experience.

With over 60 nationalities, diversity is part identity and it inspires them to better serve clients and community. They nurture a collaborative workplace because this is the key to  success. This includes activities like Diversity Day, KPMG Diversity Summit, and being a signatory to #Mypledge with Equilibre.

3. Societal Impact

They are committed to making a real difference to the communities they operate in. Through their Foundation and volunteering/pro-bono work, KPMG unleash the potential of communities and make a positive contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility networks.

Every year, KPMG'staff hand picks local and international projects, funded by the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation, that contribute towards their Sustainable Development Goals. They are proud to host many staff-led initiatives, from annual Valentine’s Day fundraiser, to coding workshops for refugees and children in the community.


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