Jonk Entrepreneuren’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

By becoming a part of IMS, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg is joining a platform where interesting exchanges take place in terms of corporate social responsibility, and thus hopes to actively participate in the promotion and in raising awareness on CSR matters. Moreover, the JEL also wishes to develop more partnerships with companies interested in promoting entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, and to increase their employment and success rates. In order to expand its programmes and to reach more youngsters each year, the non-profit-organisation is continually searching for volunteers that are interested and motivated in sharing their experiences with the young. By supporting such action, a company shows their social engagement.  

Jonk Entrepreneuren’s CSR policy:

CSR is a part of the every day life of a non-profit-organisation, by not only representing an organisation with not-for-profit objectives, but also by being engaged socially. Not-for-profit organisations’ main mission is to inspire, to prepare the youth to innovate, to create, to take initiatives, and to be responsible – in sum, to give them the desire of entrepreneurship. Following this goal, the non-profit organisation wants to teach and sensitise the young to the economic and entrepreneur world, and initiate them to it through projects organised at every level of the Luxembourgish teaching, they also want to reinforce the links between the schooling world and the working world, and to develop and revalorise an “entrepreneurship culture” in Luxembourg.  In this logic, this non-profit organisation is also aiming to “teach” the youngsters sustainable development by expanding their knowledge and competencies. 

 Jonk Entrepreneuren’s CSR actions and frameworks:

The CSR axes revolve around social inclusion, equality of chances, diversity, integration of the youth within our society and the labour market, the growth of employment rates for the young, a better financial education and their awareness of sustainable development.

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