INOWAI’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

For us, IMS represents the ideal engine for the development and promotion of all aspects of CSR policies in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The diversity of its members renders IMS rich in experience and motivation, which perfectly corresponds to the objectives of exchange and sharing of information in a convivial and pragmatic environment. Inowai identifies itself with these features and simply wishes to actively participate in the thoughts and initiatives of IMS Luxembourg.


INOWAI’s CSR policy:

As a leader in the field of professional property in Luxembourg, we need to anticipate all kinds of evolutions in terms of sustainable development. Our missions are, for instance, to analyse all aspects linked with the environment (energy consumption, waste separation, etc), to suggest corrective measures to the proprietors or lodgers living in the buildings under our management, to install these measures and communicate and inform about them to make sure they sustain. Since the beginning of 2009, Inowai has decided to “set an example” and integrate these measures in to its own strategy. 
This procedure, tightly linked to the environment, has pushed us to expand the periphery of our sustainable management and to take on the other two CSR tracks. At this occasion, we noticed that, at a social level, we had naturally integrated the principles of a good CSR policy.
The path is free and CSR is progressively integrated in to the global strategy of our corporation.


 INOWAI’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Almost naturally, the environmental aspects set off our thoughts and first concrete procedures. Our first step thus consisted in the sensitisation and better communication on ecological reflexes and behaviour. In parallel, Inowai continues to take all kinds of measures (at the level of its procedures, installations, etc) in order to decrease its ecological footprint. 
At social level and in regard to the equality of professional opportunity, the wellbeing of our employees has always been a priority and an integral part of the harmonious management of our corporation. The next steps will be a more efficient identification of the actions we have already set up and a permanent reflexion on further progresses we can achieve. 
…and why not, medium-term, aim for a CSR label?


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