Hermann & Valentiny et Associés’ motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Well before sustainable development became a “trendy” challenge, the Hermann & Valentiny agency worked towards the sustainability of its buildings, the use of natural materials and the integration of its projects in to an urban or rural context.
As the creator of a life framework for all the habitants of a city area, the architect is responsible for the quality of the constructed area, as well as for the wellbeing of the users. Furthermore, his cultural mission consists in the handling and respecting of the heritage, which future generations will inherit. 
It is a challenge where the exceeding of oneself, innovation and the continuous desire to work at the hight of new techniques are the rules to success.
IMS is an ideal platform for the exchange and sharing of ideas, the spreading of concepts and communication with dynamic actors from all areas. Its objective is progress regarding the respect for nature and modern man.


Hermann & Valentiny et Associés’ CSR policy:

Social responsibility is the basis of the architect's profession, as the product constructed will complete the cultural public landscape and the satisfaction of the people using the building will depend on its quality.
Aestheticism and superior character are the cultural priority. However, the techniques and materials are chosen with a deep concern for the environment and durability.
At intern level, management policies favour and encourage the continuous educating of all the architects in order to keep them up-to-date on renewable energies and new ecological forms.
Everyone is conscious of the consequences of waste for our planet and we have all adapted our daily actions accordingly.


Hermann & Valentiny et Associés’ CSR actions and frameworks:

To carry on with our strategy of innovation, with the practicality of our professional experience, to develop human values and to make responsible choices at all levels.

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