AKT ONE’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

For the company AKT ONE, participating in the activities of IMS Luxembourg is an approach of sharing, listening and commitment as united in these differences (business, size of company, culture ...), IMS Luxembourg generates a real human wealth and entrepreneurial. Integrating IMS will, therefore, allow AKT ONE to share information, ideas, advice and discover new services in a relaxed atmosphere through the various meetings organized.


AKT ONE’s CSR policy:

AKT ONE has chosen to build its commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) around three dimensions: environmental, social and civic. 

  • Environmental responsibility

In resonance with the Paris agreement adopted at COP 21, the company AKT ONE ensures a responsible approach to the protection of the environment. To this end, it is committed to eliminating single-use plastic in the company and to sort and recover all waste produced according to environmental criteria. 

  • Social responsibility

AKT ONE provides all its employees with a fulfilling, non-discriminating and non-hostile working environment. Its commitments are reflected in the priority given to health and safety, the attention paid to the professional development of its employees and the continuous improvement of the conditions and the quality of life at work. Employees must find the motivating forces that stimulate their desire to engage, to undertake, to create, to move forward and to grow with society. 

  • A civic and solidarity responsibility

The company AKT ONE encourages volunteer skills among its employees in order to contribute to the development of the socio-economic fabric by making available to associations what is its greatest asset: the know-how of women and men who constitute it.


AKT ONE’s CSR actions and frameworks:

  • AKT ONE has signed the national Vision Zero charter as part of its strategy to reduce the number and severity of workplace accidents, commuting accidents and occupational diseases
  • AKT ONE has been awarded the SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber quality label by the Environment Administration as part of its waste recycling strategy
  • AKT ONE supports several associations in Luxembourg that work for peace and coexistence and fight against school failure and neurodegenerative diseases
  • AKT ONE has joined IMS
  • AKT ONE participates in the new edition of Wildgen 4 Children
  • AKT ONE participated in the 9th Academy on the Social and Solidarity Economy which took place from 25 to 29 September 2017 in Luxembourg 


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