Maâ-oui !’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

IMS is a structure that brings together actors in the CSR movement​ and our strategy is to focus on sustainable products. Therefore, IMS is the right place to exchange and to meet people working on this matter.


Maâ-oui !’s CSR policy:

The universe of promotional products or goodies is rapidly changing. The stakeholders are conscious that the relation between the promotional products and the environment is now playing a major role. With this in mind, Maâ-Oui! try to adapt product offer as much as possible. So, priorities are defined in product range accordingly. Parallel, “company priorities” are also defined.

We are working on these two levels which represent internal and external priorities.

More precisely, this strategy is structured, among others, on the following  actions:


Maâ-oui !’s CSR actions and frameworks:

  • Maâ-Oui! commits itself to collaborate with suppliers who have signed the Maâ-Oui! ethical chart for suppliers especially elaborated for the ESR context.
  • Maâ-Oui! commits itself to recycle, better and more, thanks to initiatives like the  “ SuperDreckskëscht”  for which we have the label
  • Maâ-Oui! commits itself to hire employees coming from all horizons and without any discrimination.
  • Maâ-Oui! commits itself on the weel-being of its employees thanks to the flexibility of the working hours, Team building, a better internal information flow.
  • Maâ-Oui! commits itself launching a new catalogue which all sorts of environmentally responsible products.

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