MUDAM’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:


For Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, the importance of engaging in social responsibility is obvious. With the participation in IMS activities, the museum aims to create new professional contacts in order to exchange experiences concerning various CSR practices and initiatives.

The collaboration of the varied artistic and cultural actors within the institution constitutes in itself an action of responsibility in accordance with CSR principles. Mudam wishes to strengthen the presence of art and culture among IMS members, contribute to dialogue, enhance creative and artistic development and provide an opportunity for its team to participate in the many training opportunities and activities offered by IMS.



MUDAM’s CSR policy:


Mudam adopts an ecological approach to all its activities:

  • Improvement in the consumption of different forms of energy, along with the recycling of waste, form part of the daily tasks of the whole team
  • In the field of human resources, the professional reintegration of people in difficulty is of great importance
  • The Public Information Service offers a series of visits adapted to people with special needs: partially sighted and blind people, people with mental disabilities, children with autism, adults with dementia, the deaf and hard of hearing, etc.
  • Social and political issues are often the subject of exhibitions and artistic projects. Public awareness of this subject is therefore part of the museum's media and educational mission. At the same time, it is intended for staff, visitors and all the museum’s visiting speakers.


MUDAM’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Actions implemented at Mudam to date include our ecological approach, assistance in professional reintegration, exhibitions and cultural and educational activities.

These actions take place with regard to a very diverse group: team members, artists, visitors, speakers, etc.  All of these people are of different origin, nationality and political position.


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